About Michael Budnick

Pretty much everything about Michael could be summed up in one word: Help. Michael helps people find ways to have happier lives. 

Michael’s childhood was abundant with fun and play. He was indoors as few hours of the day as possible, and he had a real penchant for school athletics, scouting, and hiking. He excelled as a roller-skater, winning championships in his hometown, year after year.

His attitude hasn’t changed much since he was a kid. He’s grown up; but, it seems that he hasn’t grown older. And his attitude toward you will show that, once you get to know him.

One afternoon, in his early twenties, Michael wandered into Chicago’s famous “East – West Bookstore”, and his life changed forever. The “East-West” was a treasure trove of everything spiritual, all the way from the New Testament Apocrypha, through the revered Hindu and Buddhist texts, to the newest self-help gurus that would have guest spots on Oprah. This bookstore would be his library at the time, and Michael would make regular visits, spending much of the day there, bringing his purchases home at day’s end, to study more at home.

But Michael quickly learned to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Michael embarked on his journey to learning more about himself and others through reading and study, but mainly through working with people. The first therapy that he learned was as a student of John Thies’ Touch for Health Kinesiology. He became a certified practitioner and then instructor a few years later.

It was also during his twenties when Michael studied Louise Hays’ famous “You Can Heal Your Life” and first learned of the power of affirmation.

Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” was a big influence on the way Michael perceived thoughts. He still owns his original copy, which is page loose and dog-eared from continuous re-readings. He became close friends with the late Jerry Gillies whose book “Money Love” inspired him to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. Michael began working in the Retirement Planning Industry on a commission only basis. Jerry’s teaching assisted him to transition from a salaried employee to a commission only account executive. The change worked for Michael as he found success as an entrepreneur primarily because of his positive approach and affirmative attitude.

Michael further enhanced his understanding of principles of affirmation and visualization through his studies with Paul J. Meyer’s Success Motivation Institute.

For some years, Michael studied the meditation techniques of Siddha Yoga, Vedic Teaching, and the Shiva Sutras – Meditation techniques which he has continually practiced ever since.  Working personally with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, he was guided deeper into the art of living a prosperous life with a quieter mind.

Michael retired at the age of 38, intending to live closer to the land, and with less social ties, in a cabin in the mountains in Yosemite. His mind quieted, but then he heard more clearly than ever before, his calling in life. After his year in the forest, Michael began to focus his studies on two parallel studies: the “outer game” of means and methods of financial investing (with a particular focus on retirement planning) and “the inner game” of personal bliss, confidence, and the appreciation of abundance.

For the last decade or so, Michael has been learning the “Teachings of Abraham” and has found himself in “the hot seat” over a dozen times.

And so, Michael has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience with the “practical” and spiritual aspects of money. And, he’s learned much that’s been helpful to himself and others in his successful practice of personal development.  By combining these with the wisdom of his mentors, Michael is able to deliver powerful and permanent processes which anyone can use to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.